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Fanfiction: Thunder

Title: Thunder
Pairing/Characters: KanginxLeeteuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin
Rating: PG-13 (for yaoi)
Genre: oneshot, fluff, family
Warnings&Notes: yaoi (boyxboy) (light, just kissing), AU.
Summary: The Lee twins, Eunhyuk&Sungmin were adopted by Kangteuk a few months ago, and things aren't going smoothly yet as a family... but still, they are happy together. Loads of fluff!


When Leeteuk entered the room, the twins were still in front of the computer, playing that stupid car race game. They didn't even notice him... He crossed his arms, and coughed. It's only then when Sungmin glanced at him. He immediately turned back and nudged Eunhyuk to make him do the same. Leeteuk glared at them angrily.

“Haven't I told you half an hour ago to go to sleep?”

“Yeah, you did. But we don't want to...” Eunhyuk shrugged. Sungmin's eyes largened, and nudged his brother again.

“Umma, just five more minutes, please...” He pouted cutely. But Leeteuk wasn't touched, because he was really tired of it.

“No more five minutes! I gave you five minutes half an hour ago, you should've fallen asleep by now!” He cried out. “Turn it off right now or I'll turn off the electricity!”

“But then it'll be dark and you won't be able to go back to appa” Eunhyuk contradicted.

“Shut up and do what I said!” Leeteuk was already yelling as he lost his patience. He was fed up with the everyday hissy about going to sleep. Sungmin stared at him stunned and afraid, he haven't seen his umma this furious before. He stood up and started getting ready to sleep. Leeteuk saw that he scared Sungmin, and that his son finally did what he was ordered to, and thought about comforting him, but he chose to be strict now. The twins should learn to obey.

“Aish, this round was almost over! We could've finished it!” Eunhyuk grumbled, but after all, he saved the game, pushed the power button and unwillingly copied Sungmin. As the noise of the computer faded, they could hear under their breath a thunder from the far. Leeteuk glanced out of the window.

“It's gonna be a pretty storm...”

“I won't be able to fall asleep... I'm afraid of thunder” Sungmin said and looked at Leeteuk wait-and-see. But instead of being soft and motherly like he usually does, Leeteuk let his anger talk of him.

“If you went to sleep when I told you so, you've fallen asleep by now and it wouldn't disturb you!”

“At the top of it, you're eight years old, old enough that you should've grown out of it!” Eunhyuk said harshly. He was also angry at Sungmin who obeyed their umma instead of him. Before they were adopted some moths ago, his brother always relied on him solely. But now, Sungmin was attached to Leeteuk too. Though Sungmin was disappointed that actually he could count on no one, he still tried if his cuteness could help him. But it didn't work, as none of the others looked at him. He sighed and climbed in his bed sadly, the same time Eunhyuk did. Leeteuk skipped the usual kiss, and switched off the light.

“Good night. And now, sleep!” The twins could still hear an angry tone in their umma's voice. Then they tried to sleep - with more or less success.

As he closed the door, Leeteuk leaned to the wood and sighed. He headed back to their bedroom fighting with his conscience.

“Am I a bad parent?”

“Why would you be?” Kangin put down the newspaper he was reading and looked at Leeteuk standing at the doorstep. He was stunned that his love was waiting for his answer with teary eyes.

“I shouted at the twins! I scared Sungmin, and Eunhyuk is talking back. He must have a reason for it! What do I do wrong?” Leeteuk's tears found their way down on his face as he came in and closed the door.

“I' ve never seen such a wonderful parent like you!” Kangin stood up, hugged his boyfriend and kissed down the tears. “You're as affectionate and caring towards them as if you really were their mother.” Leeteuk chuckled while crying at Kangin's words. “And you always make things right when I make a mistake. I admire you for all you'd do for our sons and me. I always wanted a family like this one. And it's thanks to you... I can't be grateful enough, and I'll never be able to give it all back to you, I only can say I love you more then ever before” Kangin confessed, but didn't let Leeteuk answer, as he brushed their lips together. But they could hear the door open. They parted immediately as if they touched fire. But Sungmin just stood there and smiled seeing his parents kissing. It's just he also blushed when he was noticed.

“Umma, I'm happy you love appa... But do you love me too?”

“What stupid thoughts do you have?! Of course I love you!” Leeteuk wiped away his tears which flow after Kangin clared his face, and smiled at Sungmin.

“Oh my... you're so cute!” Kangin shuffled his son's hair and got him on his lap so they all could hug each other. “You just came here to ask this?”

“No... actually I'm afraid of thunder. But umma was so furious I also wanted to ask if he still loves me...”

“Being angry does not mean disliking someone!” Leeteuk said surprised, but he was also giggling. What's on an eight-year-old boy's mind?

“But Eunhyuk always tells me that he hates me when I make him angry...”

“He talks nonsense sometimes” Kangin said as he swang Sungmin. And then something came through his mind. “He reminds me of someone, but I don't know who...”

“Of you?” Leeteuk laughed.

“No! I don't talk nonsense!” he chafed.

“You sometimes do.” Kangin was stunned at Leeteuk's statement, who just smiled. “Never mind, I love you like this.”

“Me too!” Sungmin added and kissed his appa's face.

“Oh! Did you see? I got a peck!” Kangin was totally charmed and throwed his son in the air.

“Don't get too excited, we're going to sleep!” Leeteuk warned them. He switched back himself to strict umma mode.

“But he enjoys it. Just one more time...” Kangin tried.

“No, please... I don't want Teukie umma to be angry again. He's scary then.”

“Sorry.” Leeteuk bit his bottom lip. “But now, I'll protect you from those bad thunders!” He smiled at Sungmin and hugged him.

“Thank you! I love you!” He also gained a peck from Sungmin. Then they settled on the bed for the night. Sungmin snuggled close to Leeteuk, and in his new safe place he almost immediately fell asleep. The parents smiled at each other.

“You're such a wonderful umma” Kangin whispered. Leeteuk blushed, but leaned towards so they could kiss each other.

But then one more time, the door was opened, this time by Eunhyuk. He tried to back out immediately, but Leeteuk's voice stopped him.

“Come in, but be silent. Sungmin is sleeping” he said in his usual soft tone.

“Aren't you angry?” Eunhyuk was comfortably surprised.

“Why am I supposed to be?”

“Because you shouted when we didn't go to sleep when you told us, and now I'm still awake.”

“That's really a bad thing you don't obey your umma just because he's not as strict as me” Kangin scolded. “You should be happy to be out of the orphanage and have a family. We don't expect you big things just that you be obedient. We don't ask you to do things that you're not capable of, but we ask you not to do things which may be pleasant but harmful to you. That's why we don't let you stay awake late and we won't let you try cigarettes and drugs when you get older. Got it?”

“But it's summer holiday...“ Eunhyuk still contradicted, but seemed less confident.

“You should have a contemporary schedule. It helps organizing your life” Leeteuk said. “Didn't you have the same schedule all days in the orphanage?”

“Yes, but I wanted my life out here to be different.”

“Isn't it different? Don't you get more love and care? Doesn't Leeteuk do his best for you two?” Kangin questioned. He started to get louder.


“Then, do you accept our reasons?” Kangin asked.

“Hush, you wake up Sungmin...” Leeteuk silented them down.

“I accept them” Eunhyuk admitted. Actually, this time he was willing to agree his parents, because even if he didn't show it off, he was really affectionate towards them. And grateful that they took him out of the orphanage, even together with his beloved twin.

“Then, please go to sleep. Good night” Leeteuk smiled. Eunhyuk nodded, and turned back, but stopped in front of the door and turned.

“May I sleep here?” he asked quietly.

“Yes” Kangin answered without hesitation.

“Did it just happen that you're also afraid of thunder?” Leeteuk giggled. Eunhyuk blushed, and turned again to leave, but his umma spoke again. “Sungmin won't know. He's sleeping.”

“Come here to me” Kangin offered and reached out in his son's direction. He didn't say a single word, but climbed in the bed and snuggled to his appa.

“Good night, parents.”

“For you too” they answered at the same time, which made all of them smile. Somehow later Eunhyuk was also asleep. Before switching off the light, Kangin asked.

“How did you know? I thought it was me who knows him better...”

“I noticed that he's just too harsh for it being real” Leeteuk explained. “He always had to be or at least act strong so that his brother could rely on him. They both just couldn't be sensitive at the same time in an orphanage.”

“But now that we're here they both can be” Kangin said softly.

“Yes. I want Eunhyuk to have a carefree life too, and Sungmin to have a sensitive brother.”

“Then this would be a perfect family” Kangin smiled and reached out to hold his boyfriend's hand. They shared a long and deep look above their sleeping sons, before Kangin finally switched off the light.

“You should know perfection doesn't exist... but if it did, I would say that this moment is perfect. As for now, I only can say I have the ideal family.”

[A/N] Sorry for any grammar mistakes, one of my first English fics.
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--oneshot, genre--fluff, genre--friendship, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--yaoi
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