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Fanfiction: Reintegration - part2 (final)

Title: Reintegration (part 2)
Pairing/Characters: Kangmin (KanginxSungmin), side!Yewook
Genre: romance? fluff? most likely.
Length: twoshot
Rating: PG
Warning/notes: slight yaoi (boyxboy) (kissing)
Summary: When Kangin returns from the army, everything has changed. It's not a problem to have an other leader, and learning new songs and dances. But he can't accept losing a friend, namely Sungmin.

~*~Something more~*~

The whole band took part at the reception after the awards ceremony. Shindong was very happy because this way, no one would control how much he ate, but the same reason made Ryeowook worry a bit. Also, they had no other schedule this day, so what if some members just disappear? Just like Kangin and Sungmin walking away a minute ago...

“Just relax, Ryeowookie. They can all take care of themselves,” Yesung said, squeezing the umma's arm.

“I know, but something bad may always happen...”

“Don't think of it. That won't help it in not happening. Instead, try to feel good,” he smiled.

“You're right, but it's not so easy.”

“Can I help you?” the leader asked with a smirk, hugging his love and caressing his back, playing with the black mops. It worked like always, by the time he got out of Yesung's arms, Ryeowook's tense was blown away. The whole group had a good time that afternoon.

Sungmin and Kangin met a really handsome actor at one of the tables. He was apparently gay as he starting flirting with Sungmin, who enjoyed and requited it. First, Kangin just glared deadly at that actor, who didn't seem to care for it, than hugged Sungmin's waist, finally dragged him from there with some lame excuse.

“Kangin, what are you doing?” Sungmin asked when they were out of hearing range. He seemed to be upset about being dragged away.

“Don't you see that he's only interested in your butt? He doesn't need you for more than one night...” the older started to explain, but his friend cut off.

“What if that's I want too?” He suddenly pulled his arm out of Kangin's hand, who just stared at him in shock.

“Fine. Whatever, just do what you want to,” he said huffily and turned away. Sungmin looked at Kangin in disbelief. What's wrong with him? Is he jealous? Then he just shrugged it away and joined the actor again. As Kangin glanced back, he saw how they were having a good time. He shook his head and returned to the others.

“Where did you leave Sungmin?” Ryeowook, who had been feeling fine until seeing Kangin's dark expression, felt all his worries coming true.

“Flirting with some random actor... He implied that he wants to spend the night with him.”

“What?” Yesung, who hadn't been paying attention, became concerned. “That's not like him! Why did you let it?”

“That's how I know him too, but I've missed two years... I thought it's a new habit of him,” Kangin excused.

“No, it's not a habit. He did it once, but not regularly,” Ryeowook informed him. They looked at each other worriedly.

“We must trust him,” the leader decided. “Sungmin may look sweet and innocent, but he's master of Chinese martial arts, so things he doesn't want can't be done to him.”

“You're right,” Ryeowook nodded. “He can take care of himself.”

Though Sungmin had a good time with that handsome guy, but he couldn't forget about Kangin's huffy jealous expression. In the morning he wanted to leave before he wakes up, but he seemed to be an early riser and started a conversation while Sungmin was getting dressed.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yes. Thank you for the night.”

“Thanks too.” Silence. “Will we meet again?”

“I don't think so.”

“It's a pity. You're really sweet, you know...” He said. Sungmin blushed and didn't answer. That was really awkward, thus he felt relieved when finally left the flat. He didn't plan anything but this night, but that guy... Kangin was wrong about him. By the way, Kangin... would he be still sulking?


When Sungmin got home, he found Kangin in the dorm watching TV alone. He looked up when his dongsaeng opened the door, but he demonstratively turned his head away. Sungmin sighed but decided to act as if he hadn't noticed it.

“I'm back, Kangin hyung!” he called out cheerfully.

“I've already seen. Please, let me watch TV,” Kangin grumbled.

“What's wrong, hyung?” He settled down on the coach.

“You disappeared with a stranger and still ask what's wrong?” Kangin shouted at him. Sungmin had to lean backwards.

“You're really scary now.”

“I know.” He turned back to the TV.

“Why are you acting like this? Are you...” Sungmin considered if he should ask it or not.

“Am I what?” Kangin looked at him piercingly.

“Jealous,” Sungmin said shyly. Finally, he decided to ask. Whatever, he had nothing to lose... his friend couldn't be any colder.

“I'm not jealous!” Kangin yelled, shut down the TV, threw the remote control on the couch right beside Sungmin and stomped into his room.

“You definitely are,” Sungmin stated, watching Kangin's actions in surprise. But he shocked himself even more when he found out that he didn't mind it and didn't find it weird or awkward.


Sungmin spent the day on making Kangin forgive him. It was hard as he didn't admit that he was jealous. If he had admitted, Sungmin could have just said that he didn't have the right to, as they weren't in a relationship or anything like that, and thus he would have no reason for being angry. But this way, Sungmin officially didn't know why Kangin was mad at him, making it really hard to make up for it. So he baked cookies, acted cute, offered to watch sports, offered to work out with Kangin, and anything that came into his mind, till he gave up.

“What should I do to make you forgive me?” he sighed. Kangin looked up from the newspaper.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you it's forgiven since you gave me that bowl of cookie.”

“What the heck? It was around noon! I've been struggling for nothing till that? For... more than six hours?! I won't talk to you today!” Sungmin stormed out of the room and started sulking. Kangin just chuckled at this burstout and tried to continue reading. But he couldn't. He felt bad because Sungmin didn't deserve that kind of revenge, so he decided to go after his sulky dongsaeng and apologize him. He was lucky, because Sungmin showed off his generousness and forgave him as long as Kangin spent the rest of the day with him.


The following days, Sungmin tried to find out where his burdens are, meaning that finding out what makes Kangin jealous and how much. It turned out that everything which involved other members hugging, caressing or kissing him, starting from Ryeowook umma's goodnight his on the forehead ending at fanservice. That latter was the most dangerous. When he did those sexy dance moves with Eunhyuk, it was at risk that Kangin may blow his top or attacking poor Hyukie. After that, Sungmin kept a distance from his roommate in the dorm too, not wanting any of them to be hit by the strongest member. But despite the fear, which he also liked a bit because of the adrenalin supplies, Sungmin enjoyed Kangin being jealous for him. He suspected that he may have come to like his friend, but he didn't mind. He was ready for a new relationship. So a few days later, he tried to complete his fan service duty with Kangin, turning out a bit awkward as they got too involved. Sungmin decided that they shouldn't get close to each other in front of the media. Yesung seemed to agree this, as he invited them in an empty room which happened to be Sungmin's and Eunhyuk's one. They both knew it would be a warning about their fan service.

“It's okay if you are in a relationship, but don't show it off this much! We can say it was fan service, but I saw it was at risk that you go further... I don't want it to happen once again. Hush! I didn't finish speaking. I don't care if Leeteuk just let the members be, and even he forgot about himself a few times. Right now I'm the leader here. So be careful what you do,” Yesung scolded and looked piercingly at Sungmin and Kangin.

“Yesungie hyung, just so you know... We're not in a relationship,” Sungmin said, fully blushed.

“You may not be, but don't try to deny that you love each other. There's no way you can fool me.” With these words, Yesung walked out of the room, leaving silence behind him. Sungmin just stared blankly at his shoes, hoping that Kangin wouldn't see his blush. During that Kangin stared at that pretty bushed face. He couldn't keep himself from tearing a mop behind Sungmin's ear, caressing his cheek and placing a hand under his chin. That caused the younger to look up and thus their eyes met.

“Yesung was right. At least half,” Kangin decided to be straightforward and confess just like when he told Sungmin that he wanted their friendship back. “I love you.” He tried to pull him in for a kiss, but Sungmin resisted for a moment. He took a deep breath.

“I love you too,” he whispered before letting his lips to be captured. As Yesung passed the door, he smirked and elbowed Ryeowook.

“They may haven't been in a relationship five minutes ago, but now, they definitely are.”
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--twoshot, genre--fluff, genre--friendship, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--yaoi
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