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Fanfiction: Reintegration - part1

Title: Reintegration (part 1)
Pairing/Characters: Kangmin (KanginxSungmin), side!Yewook
Genre: romance? fluff? most likely.
Length: twoshot
Rating: PG
Warning/notes: slight yaoi (boyxboy) (kissing)
Summary: When Kangin returns from the army, everything has changed. It's not a problem to have an other leader, and learning new songs and dances. But he can't accept losing a friend, namely Sungmin.

~*~Friends again~*~

When Kangin's two years of army duty ended, and he was finally able to return to Super Junior, everything was so different. At first, Leeteuk already joined the forces and thus Yesung took the leadership. No doubt, he was good leader too, but in a different way. He was like a much-expecting appa instead of a caring umma. And he wasn't as close to Kangin as Leeteuk used to be, so he wasn't allowed to be in focus all the time. SuJu's new umma was Ryeowook, who helped him a lot with his reintegration, telling him stories he had missed, and asking him together with other members to do household chores. He also got a lot of help with learning new songs. He mostly got Leeteuk's parts, with the exception of raps. Those lines were taken by Eunhyuk, Donghae or Shindong, while Kangin got (some of) their singing parts in return. That caused a great mix in choreographs too, giving some extra duties to Eunhyuk and Shindong along with teaching them to Kangin. But they didn't seem to mind as this was their hobby and was having a good time with the long-time-missed raccoon.

But not only SuJu's relations changed, Kangin himself wasn't the same man either. He was more serious, talked and fooled around less. Also, he was even more strong which made the members fear him at first. But then Kangin proved that his love for them is the same, so soon they got comfortable with him again. Except for Sungmin. It was strange, as they were really close back then. Such close that some fans even shipped them. But now, Sungmin was cold towards Kangin and even avoided him not strikingly who didn't understand why. But he decided not to accept it.

“Sungmin-ah, do you have some time for me?” He asked when his dongsaeng was doing the washing up so that he couldn't escape. The called glanced back over his shoulder.

“Well... Ryeowookie doesn't like if I talk while working because then, I work slow.”

“It's a very bad excuse, you know,” Kangin looked at him piercingly.

“Yeah...” Sungmin sighed, and turned back to the dishes. “I'm listening.”

“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked straightforward. There would be no point in fudging. “Just tell the truth, don't care if it's offensive or disrespectful.”

“Because I feel awkward with you,” Sungmin confessed after taking a deep breath.

“But... why? We were best friends before I joined the forces!”

“It was back then. And... that adds to me feeling awkward. It gives the feeling that we should still get on well. But you're not the same person.”

“I know I changed. Other members told me, but they already got used to it. Why didn't you too?”

“I don't know.” His voice showed that he had already started to tense up.

“It may have connection with the fact you don't spend much time with me,” Kangin said reproachfully.

“You know I don't like new members! So why do you keep on asking those stupid questions?” Sungmin burst out.

“But... I'm not a new member, ya know,” Kangin blinked. Sungmin suddenly span to face him.

“You were away for two years, and you changed, both mentally and physically. You give the feeling of a new member,” he explained with less patience. Kangin sighed.

“Okay, let's suppose I accept it. That you take me as a new member. But later on, you came to like Kyuhyun, till up to the level of being in a relationship with him. How did he managed to do it? What should I do so that we could regain our friendship?” he asked helplessly. Sungmin started to pity him.

“I think first I spent time with him and we made friends. And then came SuJu mini drama where I started to like him that way. I guess I will have to spend some time with you, but it'll be hard for me as I feel more awkward with you than with him that time...”

“Because we used to be friends?”


“I'll try to help you by making schedules. If we do something together, you'll have less time for feeling awkward,” Kangin smiled.

“That sounds good,” Sungmin forced a smile too. He wasn't looking forward to it at all.


“Hey, Sungmin, do you have time?” Kangin asked.

“For what?” He suspected.

“I know a good place you'd love,” Kangin smirked. Sungmin twitched his eyebrows, but let himself be dragged out of the dorm. As they were walking, the older guy started a conversation about their last performance, which lead to analising all participants on Music Bank, supplying subject to talk about while they arrived...

“It's that,” Kangin smirked as he stopped by a Swiss chocolate shop. Sungmin just opened his eyes wide, and looked gratefully at his hyung.

“Thanks for showing me this! I waled in front of it a million times, but I never noticed...”

“You're welcome,” Kangin chuckled as he ruffled his dongsaeng's hair, who immediately fixed it. “I'll treat you. Whatever you want, I'll buy it for you.”

“You're trying to buy my love?” Sungmin glanced up, but he was obviously loving the place.

“No!” the other denied too quickly.

“Because you're succeeding,” he smirked as he entered the shop. Kangin followed him with a relieved sigh, but he also wondered how much would it cost. That wasn't so horrible, as though he didn't have to pay, Sungmin didn't buy a lot of chocolates.


During the next week, they were seen doing a lot of things together, including going shopping, eating pop corn while watching Skip Beat with Korean subtitles, playing card games and musical instruments. Mainly things Sungmin liked to do, because Kangin just joined him, but they had a good time doing these things together, talking to each other and fooling around a bit. A few days later, when Ryeowook asked them to tidy the living room together, he didn't get any complaints from Sungmin like before. Later on, when he looked in to check how they were proceeding, he was surprised to see them laughing and chasing each other with the dusting cloth. He took it as evidence that they were friends again.

“Did I succeed?” Kangin asked when they were ready, hugging his dongsaeng loosely. Sungmin just blinked at him, not trying to get away.

“In what? Tidying? It's us that succeeded...”

“No. Regaining your friendship.”

“Of course,” Sungmin said with a wide, sweet smile. He amazed Kangin so much that he got a peck on both his cheeks, before his hyung left for working out.
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--twoshot, genre--fluff, genre--friendship, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--yaoi
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