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Fanfiction: They're gossiping...

Title: They're gossiping...
Pairing: Haeteuk (DonghaexLeeteuk)
Genre: crack? bit of humor, hint of romance - just a scene of their imagined life
Rating: PG-13 (for implied smut)
Length: drabble
Warning/Notes: yaoi(boyxboy), cliffhanger
Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my dirty thoughts.
Description: People are gossiping, as they're spending their second holiday together in a short period of time. Donghae finds out, but doesn't understand what's good about Haeteuk. Leeteuk's about to demostrate...

It was a busy day of their holiday again. Leeteuk and Donghae just couldn't sit on their butts. Why the heck would've they come to another country if just stayed at the hotel?! So both of them were exhausted when they finally returned to their room and just longed for a refreshing bath. Donghae made a mistake when he decided to flop down on his bed and unpack his backpack, because Leeteuk rushed in the bathroom and locked the door. Donghae could just hear the leader's laughter. He sighed tiredly, as it was sure Leeteuk would have a bubble bath, as Fishy also planned to.

“What the heck would I do know?” he mumbled. “I'll stay as stinky as our monkey... Gee, it's been a long time since I last contacted the others!” He hit his head and instantly got his notebook on his lap and turned it on. He checked the usual things like e-mails, twitter, official SJ fan sites. Of course, they wrote about their holiday, but they also implied something emphasizing that it's their second holiday together in one month.

“Fans can't think of anything but shipping?” he grumbled. Generally, they gave base for it with fan service, but he didn't used to do fan service with Leeteuk. At least not so much. But he soon declined this issue and moved on to the next point. Looking for someone whom he could do a video call with. But no one was online. Donghae felt disappointed. He eared a bit, but Leeteuk still did not seem to get out of the bathroom soon, so Fishy sighed tiredly and to pass time, he chose to try to search for his own name. For some unknown reason, he added Leeteuk's name too. And here's the receipt to find some HaeTeuk fics. Donghae was naughty enough to choose one with an adult warning, but he blushed in embarrassment while reading.

“Heck, I'm not much of innocent, but not that pervert!” he chafed. Though he contradicted himself by completing reading. Then he shut down the laptop and was about to yell at Leeteuk to hurry up, when the bathroom door opened. The leader instantly started explaining as he just had a towel around his waist.

“I was such in a hurry that I forgot to take my pajamas,” he chuckled at his own dispersal.

“I didn't notice that you were in a hurry...” Donghae grumbled.

“Sorry, but wouldn't have you done the same? Having a bubble bath no matter I'm waiting here?” he asked with a smirk. “Indeed, what did you do meanwhile?”

“I passed time with my notebook. I've found something really weird...”


“Have you already tried to search for our names together?” he asked carefully.

“Ah, you found some HaeTeuk fics?” Leeteuk smiled all-knowingly.

“You know about that?!” Donghae was shocked.

“I thought you've read some Eunhae fics. What's new then?”

“That they're shipping us too! We don't do much of fan service and still here they are, these fics... just because we have a holiday together?!”

“It's the second time,” Leeteuk reminded him.

“I know. But this is still weird...”

“You don't like HaeTeuk?” the older man seemed a bit disappointed.

“No, I didn't mean that... I have no problems being shipped with you. I just don't understand what's so good about it...”

“Mmm, let me show you,” Leeteuk smirked and placed a short, light kiss on Fishy's lips who was let blinking. But his naughty side got over.

“I think I didn't get it...” it was Donghae's turn to smirk.

“We can help it,” the leader answered and kissed him again. Now Donghae answered it, but it didn't last long. It seemed the not-so-innocent angel enjoyed teasing his dongsaeng.

“Well, now, I got it, but I need some more explanation...” Donghae said as he removed the towel from Leeteuk's waist and hugged him.

“Look forward to a long and thorough explanation,” he got the answer in between kisses.

Finally, Donghae turned out to be even more naughty than written in those fics over there...

[A/N]Maybe a bit crappy... but hopefully enough of a tease. :P
Reposted from AFF.
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--oneshot, genre--humour, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--yaoi
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