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Fanfiction: Sparkle - part4 (final)

Note: Part of 100 Super Junior Fanfics Challenge; theme: 22. Diamonds, SungminxKibum

Title: Spark
Pairings: Kimin, onesided!Kyumin, Yewook, bestfriends!Minwook, brothers!Kisung
Characters: Kibum, girl!Sungmin, Yesung, girl!Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Length: four chapters (Allover word count: 7868, each ranging from ~1600 to ~2300)
Warning/Notes: genderswitch, AU
Note: I know Kibum's not very popular nowadays, he's been away for too long, but still, I hope there'll be people reading this. This theme caught my attention out of the 100.
Description: Kibum, younger son of a wealthy man, swore that he would never fall in love. Sungmin, only daughter of a rich couple, is considered to never fall in love, as no guy has captured her heart yet. Their acquaintance leads to a marriage of convenience, but can there be something more? Yesung and Ryeowook work for that, but there's a counterpart too, in the form of Kyuhyun.

PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 ||
~*~ PART 4 ~*~

Word count: 2358

However, small changes make a big one altogether. Sungmin didn't notice how things altered, little by little, but the effect shot one night. They held a fancy dinner at their mansion, where Yesung and Ryeowook and even Kyuhyun were present too. It all started with Kyuhyun acting seductive as usual, but Kibum didn't react in any way. Sungmin knew he wasn't a jealous type out of nature, and also, he was used to her having fun with Kyuhyun, and it had happened before that he was busy with his business negotiations and didn't pay a damn what his wife was doing, but still it hurt her. Because this time it was right in front of him, Kyuhyun just settled down beside the two brothers and their ladies, and Kibum was only chatting with his hyung. Ryeowook could see what was going on, Sungmin getting pissed off with Kibum's nonchalant behavior, and becoming more and more daring with her flirting, intentionally provoking her husband, wanting to make him jealous. But she also knew that Kibum was forcing himself not to look at them, because if he did, maybe, Kyuhyun wouldn't get away without his handsome face irreversibly harmed. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists not to act jealous. He promised Sungmin to give her freedom, he wouldn't break that promise. On top of all, Kyuhyun misunderstood the whole situation, thinking that he finally had his chance with the lady. Being the only one who could see all of that, Ryeowook wanted to interfere before a serious fight could evolve, but didn't know how to. And Yesung didn't understand her signs to come away for a few moments, so that they could discuss what to do.

“I think I'll draw some fresh air before the dessert,” Sungmin rose from her seat, glancing expectantly to her husband, waiting for him to accompany her, but instead, Kyuhyun volunteered. She waited a few more seconds, but Kibum didn't even look at her. That was the last straw, she huffed and accepted Kyuhyun's offer, hooking on him and marching towards the balcony. Now, Kibum was glaring after them, his poker-face collapsed, eyes filled with passion and jealousy. It was at risk his gaze would burn a hole in his counterpart's back.

“Are you jealous?” Yesung asked.

“Like hell,” his brother admitted.

“Then you should've gone with her!” Ryeowook chilled gently.

“No, I couldn't. That'd be possessive and I promised her not to be like that...”

“You know there are two fields where everything is allowed: love and war,” Yesung sighed.

“And this time, she wanted you to be possessive. Didn't you notice how she wanted to make you jealous?” The lady taught, making Kibum eager to go after his wife.

“Why are you still here?” Yesung shooed him away. It wasn't needed to be asked twice, Kibum wasn't there anymore, flying towards the balcony. Sungmin could see him coming through the glass door, beside Kyuhyun, who was standing with his back on it, facing her. She couldn't hear the sweet nothings the younger man was telling her, her thoughts fully concentrated on Kibum. Did he really have no feelings for her? She wanted to try something. If this didn't make him jealous, then nothing would. When his hand reached for the door handle, she tiptoed and kissed Kyuhyun. For a moment the tall guy, who immediately kissed her back passionately, blocked her view, and by the time she shifted them to be able to peek, she could only see Kibum's back as he was on his leave. His orbs, filled with deadly emotions, were hidden from her. She pulled away and slapped the poor guy in front of her.

“Ouch! What was that for? Aren't I even allowed to kiss you back?” He asked, indignant.She had to admit that he was right, it was her who initiated the kiss.

“Sorry for using you to make him jealous... You were the easiest to deceive,” Sungmin said, blushing with guilt. She was also desperate, the whole thing didn't worth a damn. Kibum wasn't jealous. He didn't even care at all.

“Do you mean... actually I have no chance with you?” Kyuhyun asked, showing his puppy eyes, hoping his cuteness would melt her heart, but sadness was already planted in his eyes, as if already knowing the answer.

“You're as clever as you're said to be,” she patted his arm, stepping beside him, then left her palm resting there for comfort. “I hope you'll find your true love, Cho Kyuhyun. Sorry for playing with your emotions for so long,” she glanced up to the side on this young boy, who seemed so desperate at the moment. She felt nothing but empathy towards him. But she knew things were going to settle for him. He was handsome and clever, there'd be soon a girl who'd like him enough to make him forget about this silly crush on a married woman. She flashed a faint smile to Kyuhyun, before stroking his arm and leaving him alone on the balcony.


She decided to clear things up with Kibum as well. She had just realized that the reason of her behavior that night was her emotions. Those deep hidden, long time denied emotions towards her husband. She was in love, for the first time in her life, and that's why she couldn't see it earlier. But now that she knew, she intended to confess. No matter Kibum most likely wouldn't return her feelings, but being so gentle, caring and protective towards her all the time, he would count on it, let her kiss and cuddle him, which she really liked to do, when they were out, showing off the image of the loving couple. If he knew that she loved him, he would allow her to do these things when they're by themselves. At least, she hoped so. She found him whispering with Yesung and Ryeowook, a worried expression on the latters' face. Kibum's face, like so many times, was unreadable. They all looked up on Sungmin, and cut themselves off. She didn't suspect that it was because they'd been talking about her, her attention only focused on her husband.

“Kibummie, may we retire?” Her deep, sad orbs searching for eye contact with him.

“Are you tired?” Was all he asked, his eyes trying to read her.

“Well... kind of, but that's not the reason... we need to discuss something important,” she brought herself to say. She found it hard to speak even these simple words. How was she going to confess?

“Then let's go,” he rose from his seat, offering an arm for her. She hooked on him, faked a smile, which he did as well, and followed him to the podium, where Kibum announced that they're retiring to sleep, and wished their guests more fun. Then they set their steps towards their bedroom. They settled on the bed, him facing her, all of his attention focused on his wife, who was obviously embarrassed, fidgeting with the sheets, chewing on her lips and eyes cast down. When she didn't speak up, he decided to ask. “What did you want to talk about?” His voice was soft, but still, she stiffened.

“I... I want you to know... I didn't intend to cheat on you...”

“It's okay,” Kibum cut off, he didn't want to hear more. He wanted to sooth her, though he himself was tense as well and also tried his best not to sound jealous. “I promised you that you could, if you fell in love. I do wish you happiness, but I ask two little things. Please, be discreet, and though we're as close as siblings, don't discuss your love life with me. It'd be awkward, because we're married after all.”

“You're not even jealous,” she pouted, her heart clenching at his nonchalance. It seemed he acted well enough to deceive her. “You don't even care what I'm doing.” Tears were welling up in her pretty eyes, and Kibum didn't understand how he could cause them. Or maybe, very maybe his brother and his fiancee were right about her feelings. “But anyway, I want you to know the truth,” she glanced up for a moment, before shyly fixing her gaze back on her fidgeting hand. “I'm not in love with Kyuhyun. I was just... craving for someone's attention. For someone who would love me,” her voice cracked, but she continued on. “But I've just realized that... not anyone's attention and love could make me happy. I want your attention and long for your love, which I most likely can't ever get... but no matter what you feel or don't feel, I did develop feelings for you.” Her talk was slowly becoming a weak whisper, but he concentrated so much that he didn't miss even a word. And he was shocked by her words, to say the least.

“Kibummie, I think... I love you,” she breathed, the first teardrops escaping from her eyes, which slowly fluttered closed. His heart skipped a beat, then started pounding like crazy. Did she just say...? Yeah, she must have said those words. He was suddenly all fluffy inside, but there was a bit of sadness too, seeing her cry. With his right, he took her fidgeting left hand, while his left was gently placed under her chin to make her lift her head. She complied and opened up her eyes. Their gazes connected, and she gasped. There was such a deepness and intensity in Kibum's eyes, she had never seen before. Was it possible that he loved her back? Hope was set up in her heart. Slowly, he bent forward, the distance between them disappeared inch by inch, until their lips finally met, melting together in an ever-so-sweet kiss. It was the very first time they kissed for real, not for the sake of guise, but because of their feelings, and it took their breaths away. Her arms subconsciously wrapped around his neck, his left slid to rest at the side of her neck, while his right arm sneaked around her waist, pulling her closer. Her pliable body nestled so comfortably on his chest. Soon they deepened their kiss, discovering each other's hot caverns, savoring each other. When they parted after what seemed to be ages, trying to catch their breaths, they both knew they were in love. Deep and mutual.

“Sungmin-ah...” Kibum breathed all husky, looking deep in her eyes. There were a million questions and emotions swirling in him. How did he deserve her love? How could he not notice his feelings towards her before? Why was it so hard to confess? Why did they need this etude with Kyuhyun? Is it a shame to love your spouse? But he felt his consciousness melt in her warm gaze. He didn't want to know anything anymore, the only thing he wanted was to have her by his side forever. He wanted to kiss those beautifully shaped lips, which were now smiling up on him, stroke those cute cheeks, hug her slim figure, feel her warmth against his body like now. And he wanted her to be as happy as he was, to know how he felt. He wanted to say those three words, but his lips refused to. However, she didn't seem to mind. She could see the passion in his eyes, and that was enough to make her feel safe, to feel loved. His arms around her, it was the most beautiful thing in the world. No matter his hold on her was so possessive, she wouldn't mind in anymore. She didn't want to be anyone else's, only his. Forever.

That night, they made up for the lack of their wedding night. It all went so naturally with their newly-found passion, starting from kisses, slowly discovering each other's bodies. There was no need to hurry, the night was long, they took their time to get familiar with each other, and give their love all the pleasures they were capable of. Somehow, it felt like their common life just had started, but at the same time, they did have a long past together, in the emotional aspect too. They just raised their relationship onto a whole new level, that one of love and passion.


They were lying in each other's arms, exhausted. Sungmin was already half-asleep, but still wanting to stay awake, wanting this night to last forever, to stay forever like this with Kibum. Her eyes half-lidded, but her lips still smiling at him, as he planted small kisses all over her face. Then he stopped, smiling at Sungmin that goofy grin that didn't want to leave his face since her confession, just admiring her. Even in her half-sleeping state, with messy hair and tired eyes, he found her beautiful. By an impulse, he took her right hand, where she was wearing their engagement ring with the diamond, not just the marriage one, and kissed the back of it. She smiled and blushed, like always when he was doing it. It made her feel like a queen.

“You know... it's just a nice jewel. My brightest diamond is you,” he said, caressing her cheek and looking intensely in her eyes. Sungmin just blinked, puzzled, too tired to translate what he meant. “You're more precious. The best thing that happened and will ever happen to me. My miracle,” he leaned forward to kiss her forehead. She smiled, finally understanding, and snuggled even closer to him, before losing the fight against the great enemy called exhaustion and drifting off to sleep. He still adored his sleeping beauty for a while, trying to imagine their common future, but eventually gave up. Life had always been beyond his imagination, starting with the day he met Sungmin. He just hoped it'd remain so for the rest of their life, and then everything would be just perfect. At least, that moment was definitely so, with the wife of his dreams sleeping in his arms.


If there's someone who read this, please, comment and tell me your opinion! A few words about you liking it or not will already make me happy, but I won't reject long analizations either. ;)
Tags: challange: 100 suju fics, fanfiction, fic--chaptered, fic--completed, genre--drama, genre--fluff, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--genderswitch
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