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Fanfiction: Story of (the) big (boy's) changes

Title: Story of (the) big (boy's) changes
Characters: Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae
Pairing: friendship!Shinmin
Rating: G
Genre: friendship fic
Length: oneshot

It was about half past one in the morning. Sungmin just went out to the toilet and on the way back he saw a light from the kitchen.

“Who on Earth is there this late?” he wondered. As he arrived in front of the door, he saw Shindong's back. „What the heck are you doing?!”

“I... I just make sandwiches...” Shindong was so embarrassed as he had been caught doing something really bad. He made a cute, sad, asking expression. “Please, don't tell me I'm fat. I know well, and there's already enough members keeping on reminding me. I try to stand, but I'm really hungry...” He bit his egg sandwich which looked so tasty that even Sungmin's stomach started growling.

“I didn't mean to tell you that you're fat! I don't even consider you fat, just chubby. I just wanted to tell you it's not healthy to eat this late,” Sungmin explained, but couldn't get his eyes off the food which was slowly disappearing in his hyung's mouth.

“Are you hungry too? Do you want it?” Shindong showed him another sandwich. Sungmin hesitated. Heck, it's not healthy, but he can save Shindong from eating that one too!

“I accept it,” he decided and settled down at the table and joined his hyung eating. The egg sandwich was as delicious as he expected.

“So you don't care if I'm fat?” Shindong, now feeling safe, asked him. Sungmin wondered.

“I'm used to you being chubby. You'd be really strange slim and you're a symbol of Suju like this. You're known as the funny chubby boy, and it's okay, just like that I'm known as the cute guy who loves pink. And there are a lot of gags which wouldn't work if you were skinny, like the dance in Miracle or Pajama party. I think Suju needs you to be chubby, but it's still not good for your health.”

“I didn't have any problems with it... I just tire sooner than you.” Shindong shrugged.

“Well, it's your decision, but if you can avoid eating this late, then avoid it,” his dongsaeng proposed.

“Okay, I'll try.” Shindong promised, and started to clear the table while Sungmin finished his sandwich. Then they returned to their room to continue what they did before this snack.


Shindong was listening to some music when Sungmin stormed into the room. He actually was frightened as his dongsaeng had an unknown machine in his hands and a determined expression on his face.

“What's this?” he asked suspiciously.

“A blood pressure,” Sungmin explained as he sat down on his hyung's bed.

“Why? And how did you get it?”

“High pressure is at the greatest risk with chubby men.” He ignored the other question.

“So you're planning to measure mine?” Shindong kept on questioning while stopped the music on his cell phone.

“That's exactly what I'm gonna do. Don't be afraid, it doesn't hurt,” he added seeing Shindong's white face and attached the armband on his arm. Still, Shindong closed his eyes and shut his mouth tightly while Sungmin did the measuring. He felt relieved when the armband was removed from his body.

“What's the result?” he asked afraid.

“Quite high. It increases the risk of many other diseases such as heart attack. Shin, you should lose some weight for the sake for of your health.”


Shindong was caught. Though it was late, he was eating when Sungmin entered the room.

“What the heck are you doing?” the bunny asked in shock.

“I'm sorry, but I was hungry...”

“Stop it now and do push-ups!” he cut off. Shindong just blinked at the order. He should do push-ups? He can't do them! Then the bunny turned to Shindong's roommate to scold him. “Donghae, how can you allow it?!” The called just looked up from his laptop and shrugged.

“He was hungry. Why should I stop him from eating?”

“He needs to lose weight! He has high pressure!”

“What's then? That's not a serious disease. And he should remain fat. Shindong losing weight, it'd ruin a lot of gags!”

“How can you think of gags when it's about Shin's health? You're such an egoist!” Sungmin blurted out. It was the moment when Shindong decided to still try those push-ups, because he was touched by Sungmin caring for him and irritated by Donghae calling him fat. He stood up.

“You're taking it too serious,” Donghae commented. “He's fat but healthy, then why do you...”

“I'll do it!” Shindong cut off the argument as he took the position. Both other guys stared at him as he tried hard to keep it while bending his arm. Donghae just could not imagine his lazy roommate doing push-ups, while Sungmin just did not expect him to obey, as Shindong was the older out of the two. Though he failed, he seemed determined, and tried again. The third one was quite similar to the real thing. That was when Shindong knelt down panting. “For now, it's enough for me, but one day, Sungmin-ah, I'll do twenty push-ups in front of you!”


When Sungmin arrived at the dorm after his schedules, and saw Shindong running round and round in the living room and crowing, he thought his friend went crazy. Then the boy, who once used to be chubby, noticed his presence and started to run towards him. Sungmin instinctively stepped back in fear, but he was still caught and pulled in for a tight hug.

“I'm so happy! You can't imagine what happened!” Shindong exulted.

“Something such good that you went crazy?” Sungmin guessed. One side, he was joking, but the other side, his fear wasn't completely gone.

“I did not go crazy! I'm just... can't control myself when I'm this thrown up!” Shin pouted, but then added seeing his friend's expression, “Sorry if I frightened you.”

“It's okay. Now, tell me what happened!” the younger man was already smiling.

“Leeteuk just told me that... I'll be singing the bridge part in A-CHa!” Shindong yelled.

“A singing part for you? In the bridge?! In the promo song?! Oh my gosh, they finally came to know that you can sing well!!!” Sungmin exulted too and jumped on Shindong's lap who lifted and turned him.

“Thank you very much!”

“What do you thank for?” Sungmin blinked.

“It's your merit. They wouldn't have given me such an important and featured part if I were still chubby!”

“It's nothing like that! This has no connection with you losing weight! They just looked at us closer as we're less and came to see that you're talented but have been neglected and...”

“No,” Shindong cut off. “In the era of Bonamana, we were already ten, and I didn't get highlighted parts. And I'm sure I didn't improve since that... It's that I was too fat for fame back then,” Shindong said sadly. Sungmin didn't know what to say so he just hugged his friend to comfort him.


“What did you do to Shindong?” Eunhyuk questioned Sungmin.

“Why?” his roommate was stunned. He did not do anything with Shindong this day, because their friend was practicing their new songs as the recording would be the next day.

“He didn't have dinner!” Eunhyuk scolded and then started to explain, because Sungmin seemed not to understand why it was his fault. “You know I usually forget to eat, but he normally reminds me and we have dinner together. But today, I just noticed I'm hungry and dinner time was past! Which means Shin didn't have dinner! It's good you convinced to him to go on a diet, because he needed to lose some weight, but he shouldn't skip meals, because he'll get too weak and sick! Talk to him about it!”

“I'll do it right now,” Sungmin nodded. “Where he is?”

“He must be practicing somewhere...”

“Thanks,” Sungmin left in a hurry. He found Shindong in the piano room where he was singing Memories which Sungmin didn't want to disturb so he just listened to. But Shindong suddenly stopped as he noticed his friend's presence.

“Oh. Since when you're here?”

“I came not a minute ago. You sing it well,” he smiled.

“Don't fool me! The more I sing it the worse it is...”

“Then you should stop practicing and have dinner.”

“I don't have time... there's less than ten hours left before the recording!!”

“Not even Yesung prepared so much like you, it'll be enough!” Sungmin chuckled.

“It's because he doesn't need it, but I do...”

“Hey, just try to calm down! You can do it. Now, you need to eat, because you won't have enough energy to sing.”

“No, it's too late to eat... I don't want to be fat again! They'd take my solo parts...”

“You won't be fat, but it's unhealthy to skip meals! Come with me, let's have something light for dinner. What about fish salad?”

“Are you sure I won't become fat because of it?” he asked hopefully.

“I'm deadly sure.”

“Oh, you're my savior! I was hungry so badly...” he admitted as he followed his dongsaeng to the kitchen. Sungmin just chuckled. Even if he was slim now, it was still Shindong who loved eating.


“Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! And worried too,” Shindong shook his legs and arms to get rid of the tense, but it didn't help. Sungmin smiled sweetly as he squeezed his arm. It was the third time Shindong started it over. By now, the others had escaped, and Sungmin also had a hard time keeping his patience.

“Just relax. You practiced more than enough.”

“I think I forgot my lines...”

“Stop fooling around. You know all of them.”

“Even if I knew, my voice will be so husky from this stress...”

“Please stop complaining, all of us are anxious, don't boost it even more,” Sungmin warned him.

“I can't! I was never like this before recordings, I can't deal with it... I'm sure I'll fail something!” Shindong whined.

“Shut up, please!” his friend finally lost his temper. Shindong muted right away and just blinked at him. “Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you, but I'm also anxious.”

“It's okay,” the rapper said with a weak smile.

“I guess I'm worried for you as I don't usually panic,” Sungmin wondered.

“Thank you for being such a good friend,” Shin hugged his dongsaeng as an acknowledgment and also searching for comfort.


“It wasn't as horrible as I expected...”

“What are you talking about, it was excellent!” Sungmin scolded him right away.

“I'm talking about my anxiety. It wasn't so bad after you comforted me. Thank you once again...”

“Nothing to mention,” Sungmin countered and changed topic. “And what about me? Was I firm enough?” he asked keenly. He had already returned to his usual cute and cheerful behavior. Shindong chuckled.

“Yes, you were firm... But it was very strange to see you like that when you're usually girlish. I mean you're cute and mild like them...”

“Just don't compare me to girls, please...” Sungmin prayed. “Otherwise, I like to be told I'm cute.”

“Sorry for comparing to girls, cutie,” Shindong patted Sungmin's cheeks which made both of them laugh.

“Boys, we can now listen to the recordings!” Leeteuk shouted out. The others started to approach the music room.

“Let's listen to you!” Sungmin grabbed Shindong's hand, and pulled him after the other members. It was still just the beginning of their long-lasting friendship.

[A/N] Okay, not my best story. But they're so cute, I needed to write something about their friendship! And also about the fact Shindong lost weight!
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--oneshot, genre--friendship, group--superjunior
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