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Fanfiction: Sparkle - part1

Note: Part of 100 Super Junior Fanfics Challenge; theme: 22. Diamonds, SungminxKibum

Title: Spark
Pairings: Kimin, onesided!Kyumin, Yewook, bestfriends!Minwook, brothers!Kisung
Characters: Kibum, girl!Sungmin, Yesung, girl!Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Length: four chapters (Allover word count: 7868, each ranging from ~1600 to ~2300)
Warning/Notes: genderswitch, AU
Note: I know Kibum's not very popular nowadays, he's been away for too long, but still, I hope there'll be people reading this. This theme caught my attention out of the 100.
Description: Kibum, younger son of a wealthy man, swore that he would never fall in love. Sungmin, only daughter of a rich couple, is considered to never fall in love, as no guy has captured her heart yet. Their acquaintance leads to a marriage of convenience, but can there be something more? Yesung and Ryeowook work for that, but there's a counterpart too, in the form of Kyuhyun.

~*~ PART 1 ~*~

Word count: 1741

Kibum had always been a lonely man, not that he would mind. He preferred silence to the futile chitchats other people in his circles made. Being rich meant a lot of people trying to befriend him for his money, but Kibum himself was a good actor and a smart man and thus could see through them. And being silent meant that no one wanted to befriend him for who he really was. No one got to knew that smart, witty boy with that cute smile, except for his older brother Yesung. Though he was nagged by his hyung to open up, show his personality, because he could gain a lot of friends, and a lot of girls admiring him, he refused. It was easier like that, he could know that people only wanted to get close to him because of the wealth of their family. And seeing the failed marriage of his own parents, he didn't want to date either. Actually, he swore not to fall in love ever. He would just marry some rich girl to please his father who he and his brother were living with after the divorce, and that's all to it. It didn't matter either if she's a slut, Kibum would just need her to be pretty and entertaining by his side on business receptions.

Lee Sungmin was an easy-going girl from a wealthy family. She was said to never fall in love, though a lot of guys courted her, because she was pretty, sweet and cute. Being conscious of it, she enjoyed flirting, but that's all there's to it. She wasn't a slut, too daring guys would get a strict punishment. She would never go further than kissing and maybe a bit of swaying on the dance floor, if she was in the mood. Many rich boys wanted to get her consent to marry, but she always declined, feeling that those guys wanted to set burdens on and possess her, and would act jealous even if an other guy just checked her out, which she really can't prevent from happening, being so pretty. Thus she decided to wait for someone who would love her enough to accept her like she was, wild and free. She knew it wasn't futile, there must be someone who would really love a sweet girl like her. And she secretly hoped that she would love him as well. That the reason why she hadn't fallen in love yet was that she hadn't found the right man, and that she would still find. Though, being rich didn't help a lot about that issue, most people in her circles were shallow, she kept hope. Actually, she kind of believed in fairytales. But fate set a crooked path for her marriage, things didn't happen exactly as she had expected.


These two persons met at a fancy ball, held by a common partner of their fathers' enterprises. Sungmin got tired from all the dancing and collapsed in one of the corners, where a boy was sitting alone with his glass of wine, observing the dancers, without focusing on him, thus not noticing he was a stranger to her. Of course this wasn't mutual, Kibum knew well who she was. Who could not notice such a gorgeous being, with her sexy long dark hair, but cute fluffy pink dress and pink heels? He didn't spend the whole evening observing others, he did have danced, and talked to other rich brats about business, sports or anything else they were interested in, but every time he pointed her out, she was dancing. It was obvious that she was handed about, everyone wanted to dance with her, she was treated like a queen, young men looking for her every wish like loyal puppies. He even got to know her name from his hyung who had danced with her. Sungmin tried to catch her breath and aired herself for a few moments, then winced in pain.

“Ouch, my feet... do you mind if I take off my shoes?” She glanced in his direction. It was just then she realized she wasn't familiar with that boy. Before, she felt like she had danced with all the boys here, even several times, from the number of dances she had to bear in her high heels and the names swirling in her head, but in the end, it turned out that she might have been wrong. This boy hadn't invited her to dance, she would've remembered that handsome face with that clever glint in the eyes. Kibum showed her a smile. Yeah, that cute smile's remarkable enough too. She didn't know him, that was sure by now.

“No, I don't. Shall I bring you something to drink?” He rose from his seat. Sungmin was a bit surprised at the offer, because it was made by a stranger, but nevertheless, she was about to accept. Because of her aching feet, she hadn't noticed how thirsty she was, and it would've been a new torture to go and get a drink herself.

“Yes, thanks. Anything without alcohol would be just perfect,” she smiled gratefully.

“I'll be back soon,” Kibum answered with a bow before heading towards the table of drinks. Sungmin got rid of her heels and sighed in relief, massaging her feet a bit, then placing them on the cool ground, enjoying the cooling and watching the returning boy, who brought two glasses of orange juice and handed one to her without a word, then took a place, this time on the chair right beside her.

“Thank you very much,” she smiled gratefully, taking a gulp.

“You're welcome, Sungmin-sshi,” he returned the smile.

“Huh? How do you know my name? I thought we didn't know each other!” Sungmin exclaimed in panic. Is her memory getting this bad? At the same time, Kibum was tempted to hit his own head for embarrassing her this rudely, using her name known from other sources, when they hadn't presented themselves to each other yet.

“I'm so sorry, Miss Lee! I'm very rude, not introducing myself. My name is Kim Kibum, nice to meet you,” he took her right to kiss the back of it. Sungmin snatched it away as if it was stung, blushed and embarrassed. She wasn't used to it, and found it kind of old-fashioned, as most of her acquaintances were much less strict than that, only old men kissing hands to ladies. Kibum felt awkward with making her feel uncomfortable again, he was taught not to do that to girls. There was a few moments of awkward silence in between them, until she spotted something and cheered up.

“Aww, finally, she got invited for a dance by him!”

“Who are you talking about?” Kibum became curious.

“My best friend, Kim Ryeowook. Look, she's dancing with Kim Yesung! She's been longing for that all night. Do you know him or her?” Sungmin explained to Kibum, eyes sparkling. He thought that maybe, only maybe, she was a bit too friendly, giving out secrets this easily, but instead of worrying, he rather felt trusted. A smile crawled up on his face as he remembered how Yesung grumbled about a pretty girl named Ryeowook he wanted to dance with being busy all the times he got close to her. Looking at her, he admitted that Ryeowook was really pretty.

“Of course I know him, because he's my older brother. As for her, I'm seeing her for the first time, but hyung has talked to me about her.” He answered.

“What do you mean? How could he talk about her? They don't know each other! At least Wookie didn't tell me...” Sungmin pouted.

“I mean he told me he wanted to dance with her,” Kibum explained, smiling, and surprised how energetic Sungmin was.

“Oh...” Recognition appeared on her face, then it highlighted. “Ah, does it mean he likes her?”

“I think yes.” Kibum answered diplomatically. Actually, Yesung always talked about many girls he wanted to dance with, and he did dance with all, before deciding if he wanted to date them, but most of the times, the decision was a big no. Because the girls pretty enough for him were usually not clever enough. Kibum didn't want to ruin Sungmin's amusement with telling this fact. She was very cute and enthused supporting her best friend's starting romance. But as he observed them dancing, he could see them talking, and Yesung's eyes sparkling more with each moment. He wondered what caused that. “Is your friend clever?” He suddenly turned to the girl beside him.

“Yup, but she's more acknowledged for being warmhearted,” Sungmin answered. She was now leaning forward, lower arms resting on her knees, hands playing with the empty glass. She had been observing them as well, but was now turning her head to the side and looking at Kibum expectantly.

“Then she has good chances with my brother. His type is exactly like that.”

“I'm so happy to hear that! They're beautiful together,” she sighed dreamily. She hadn't been in love, so her greatest happiness was to see couples amongst her friends. Feeling fluffy, she started to rock on the chair for the rhythm of the sweet melody, until she was startled by someone standing right in front of her. She glanced up to see Kibum there, his right hand stretched towards her.

“Shall we dance?” He noticed how her mind of dancing had returned, and wanted to make up for embarrassing her by asking her to dance.

“Uh... right now... I'm just putting my shoes back on!” She smiled. Kibum stepped back, giving her space for that not-so-easy operation of putting her heels on again, then took her hand and they entered the dance floor. It turned out that they could dance well together. She found it quite comfortable, being able to lean on him. They danced at least four times consecutively, Sungmin declined any other guys inviting her. She enjoyed that there was a guy who wasn't complimenting and courting continuously, but they could have a meaningful talk instead. She was happy she finally found a male friend who she could talk with and count on, and was looking forward to seeing him quite often, as her best friend and his brother seemed to get on boldly well, as they could see.

|| PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4
Tags: challange: 100 suju fics, fanfiction, fic--chaptered, fic--completed, genre--drama, genre--fluff, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--genderswitch
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