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Fanfiction: Sungmin hyung, are you jealous?

Title: Sungmin hyung, are you jealous?
Pairing/Characters: Hyukmin (EunhyukxSungmin), Donghae
Genre: fluff, romance, maybe a bit crappy
Length: (short) oneshot
Rating: PG
Warning/notes: slight yaoi (boyxboy) (kissing)
Summary: Sungmin is fed up with Donghae winning over him at everything... But is he the winner again at the most important place for Sungmin: Eunhyuk's heart?


“I want a revenge match!” Donghae pouted, when Sungmin managed to beat him in the computer game they were playing.

“But you are better at everything... please, let me win once!” Sungmin pouted too.

“I'm the younger, it's me who's allowed not to admit defeat,” Fishy pouted even more. Sungmin was caught: if he wanted to be a good hyung, he had to play the revenge match, which will definitely be won by Donghae. He sighed.

“Let's play.”

“Thanks! I love you!” Donghae yelled as he got ready. During the game, Eunhyuk joined to watch. He hugged both boys' shoulders. “Hyukie, will you support me?” Fishy acted cute.

“Please, support me, he has better chances!” Sungmin asked.

“Yeah, but previously, he won! I want to take revenge!” Donghae added.

“I won't support anyone... I'll by happy anyone wins,” Eunhyuk stated. It was a long match, but finally, Donghae managed to defeat Sungmin. Eunhyuk hugged him cheerfully. “You're expert! Revenge fulfilled!”

“Hyung, did you see that spin? It's the first time I managed to do it like Kyuhyunnie! I guess I'll challenge him, but still I have to learn how to...”

Sungmin was just fed up seeing Donghae explaining and Eunhyuk listening, both with sparkling eyes... He stomped into his room, shut the door and sat down on his bed to sulk. But then the door opened and someone sneaked in.

“Sungminnie hyung, what's wrong?” Eunhyuk asked. He seemed to be concerned.

“It's not fair!” The aegyo king claimed and pouted.

“What?” Hyukjae settled down by his side on the bed.

“It's okay he's a better rapper because I don't even know how to rap... Heck, I don't even mind him being better at dance, because being a good rapper brings being a good dancer too. It just annoys me that he's higher in singing rankings... just think of it, who was the one singing polyphonic songs with Yesung and Ryeowook when Kyuhyun wasn't here? Me! And he's said to be a better singer! Hmph!” Sungmin seemed to get involved, but quick he calmed down a bit. “But I could take it. You know, it's not so important... but he also stole your heart,” he finished sadly. Eunhyuk just blinked. He didn't understood anything missing the most important information...

“Who are you talking about?”

“Who?! Of course about Donghae! He's the one he beats me at everything...”

“Are you jealous of him?” Hyukjae still tried hard to catch up with his hyung's pace.

“Who wouldn't be in my place? Getting everything, even you away from me?” Sungmin said bitterly.

“Wait... taking me away from you? You... do like me?”

“What if I do? Does it change anything? You like him!”

“No, I don't...”

“Don't try to fool me... everyone knows that Eunhae is real!” Sungmin said huffily.

“Babo! If I say I don't like Fishy that way! He's just my best friend!” He said cheerfully and tried to hug Sungmin's shoulder, but he got away.

“I thought at least I was your best friend,” he pouted even more, folded his arms tightly and turned his head away. Eunhyuk looked at him wondering for a few moments, then grabbed his shoulders turning his body towards him.

“You were, till I fell for you.” Sungmin's pout disappeared just to give place for an expression of surprise. But he still refused to look at his dongsaeng. Eunhyuk continued.

“Now, he can be my best friends just because I'm in love with you. Got it?” He explained and waited until his hyung nodded slowly. “Now, still sulking or may I kiss you?”

Instead of a verbal answer, he was pulled in for a fierce kiss.


[A/N] One of my favorite couples... devoted to other Hyukmin fans who are fed up with the fact that other pairings than Eunhae and Kyumin are neglected. I hope you like it too.~ Please give me feedback!~
(May contain some language mistakes, on of my first English fics written a few weeks/months ago, I can't remember. Since that, I improved, so don't be frightened away!)
Tags: fanfiction, fic--completed, fic--oneshot, genre--fluff, genre--romance, group--superjunior, warning--yaoi
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