The return no one asked for's a stretch to call it a return in the first place. Just letting people know I still exist I guess. Not that I write a lot these days, but I do it on AO3 now.

To be honest, I wandered back on here for two reasons. One, just wanted to check if I can make several blogs under the same username. Figured I can't, moving on. Two, in search for a kpop fic exchange for the holidays... well either my searching skills are bad, or there's none? Welp, I'm probably late anyways.

But HMU if you know about a kpop fanfic challange or exchange kicking off sometime soon! (I'm already aware of Olymfics 2019.) While roleplaying does keep my writing from getting rusty, it's a different genre, and I kind of miss fanfics. Need some motivation to try again.

Well, not much to say, so I'm out. For who knows how long. Take care everyone!


Just... Hakuoki feels.

Note: Hakuoki - Demon of the fleeting blossom is an otome game for PSP, and an anime made out of it + other franchises.

This is going to be more of a rant, or a blog, than anything else. After playing through the PSP version of the game, and now at 18/22 episodes in the first season of the anime, I just have too many feels to hold it in. ;; I mean, Harada and Okita dying in the same damn episode! This is jut too much. Why did Harada even have to die...? I mean, why was that necessary for the ending? In the game, in most guy' routes, we just don't hear from him anymore after he leaves Shinsengumi, and that is... fine. In his own route, he obviously survives that encounter with Koudou's furies. So why in the hell did he have to die? ;; Just because the anime has to end in Hijikata's route, do every other guy have to die...? ;; And then, Okita... I admit I'm biased for him. And then he has to be the guy who will die anyways because tubercolosis and he's slowly suffocating... and even being a fury cannot help that! I was devastated when it was revealed in the game, because for a good while, they keps the illusion that he was healthy again... and then fighting Kazan, suddenly he started coughing up blood. I ragequit there for a good few hours. Anyways. I know he has to die in the story, no matter what. Yet, seeing him sacrifice himself for Hijikata gave me a trip to feeladelphia. The moment he tied his sword to his hand, I knew he was planning to fight until he dies and it was so heartwrenching. ;; But you know what? I think he died happy. He was a true samurai, living by the sword, and prepared to die by the sword, not some stupid illness slowly, painfully eating away his life... He was fighting for the Shinsengumi, and accomplished his mission before perishing (I suspect he used up his life force with the fury powers and he turned to ashes), and that was how he wanted to die. Another thing, I was first hoping Hijikata gets there on time so they can reconcile and say goodbye... but even then, he understood. There was no need for dramatic reunions, because their acts speak louder. I realized that when Hijikata started crying that he knew exactly what was going on in Souji's head. That going to kill off those people who planned to murder Hijikata was Souji's way of saying "I forgive you [for letting Kondou-san die]. I trust you with the Shinsengumi". Ah. Where did I put my return ticket? Are tickets to feeladelphia one-way only...?

PS: if anyone wants to get into the Hakuoki fandom... it is amazing, I have to say. But there is not much romance, instead a looot of feels and thoughts involved. If you're looking for fluff, move on. If you don't mind something more serious, go jump into it. Be sure you know how to swim though. No, I don't mean an ocean of tears (there might still be if you're sensible), rather... this fandom is as deep as the sea and will try to swallow you up in whole. Oh, and start with the game. The anime... kind of sucks in certain aspects. At least I hate it how they tried to make the guys into bishes but only made them look weird (mostly Saito, and Hijikata too). And spoils all routes of the game.

Getting into Otome games

Picking up my long-forgetten LiveJournal just so I can write otome game reviews. I really feel the need to talk about them with someone and none of my IRL friends are into this, so letting it out on the internet. Yay!

The old fanfics are remaining where they are, simply because I don't want to waste my time destroying something I spent so much time creating back then. I'm not really proud of them however.

So what even are otome games? To my understanding, it's a subcathegory of visual novels, aimed at girls. Also known as situational game, or dating sim, but to my understanding, these are not the same, just similar things. The point is, it is an interactive story, told in dialogue format mostly. From time to time, you are given choices of what to say or how to act, which can lead to whole different story paths, or just different endings. What makes it a "visual" novel is that the story unfolds through dialogues, and there are "paperdolls" of the characters involved, so you can see their appearance and facial expressions (sometimes, there is some movement too, or at least different poses). From time to time, at special points of the story, prettier drawings (CGs) pop up. What makes it "otome" (Japanese word meaning girl), is that the player controls the heroine and there is a possibility of developing romantic relationships. But, this doesn't mean all otome games are all about 5 guys chasing after the heroine! Mist of them also have intresting stories and character developement, like a good novel. Genres can also vary from slice of life, school-based, through fantasy and mystery, to horror. There are even R-18 (erotic) games. And there are visual novels for boys too.

So what I originally wanted to say, I played through 3(4?) otome games: Starry Sky - in Spring (+Starry Sky - After Spring), Halloween Otome, Frozen Essence. Currently playing Dandelion. And I really want to share my thoughts about them. So, reviews are incoming! I'm not gonna post walkthroughs, there's no point, since they're there on the internet (I already used them myself). But I might link to them, and might mention more stuff I noticed that are not included in the walkthroughs.

Fanfiction: Reintegration - part2 (final)

Title: Reintegration (part 2)
Pairing/Characters: Kangmin (KanginxSungmin), side!Yewook
Genre: romance? fluff? most likely.
Length: twoshot
Rating: PG
Warning/notes: slight yaoi (boyxboy) (kissing)
Summary: When Kangin returns from the army, everything has changed. It's not a problem to have an other leader, and learning new songs and dances. But he can't accept losing a friend, namely Sungmin.
Click here if you want to read the story!Collapse )

Fanfiction: Reintegration - part1

Title: Reintegration (part 1)
Pairing/Characters: Kangmin (KanginxSungmin), side!Yewook
Genre: romance? fluff? most likely.
Length: twoshot
Rating: PG
Warning/notes: slight yaoi (boyxboy) (kissing)
Summary: When Kangin returns from the army, everything has changed. It's not a problem to have an other leader, and learning new songs and dances. But he can't accept losing a friend, namely Sungmin.
Click here if you want to read the story!Collapse )

Fanfiction: They're gossiping...

Title: They're gossiping...
Pairing: Haeteuk (DonghaexLeeteuk)
Genre: crack? bit of humor, hint of romance - just a scene of their imagined life
Rating: PG-13 (for implied smut)
Length: drabble
Warning/Notes: yaoi(boyxboy), cliffhanger
Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my dirty thoughts.
Description: People are gossiping, as they're spending their second holiday together in a short period of time. Donghae finds out, but doesn't understand what's good about Haeteuk. Leeteuk's about to demostrate...

'You don't like HaeTeuk?' the older man seemed a bit disappointed.Collapse )

Fanfiction: Sparkle - part4 (final)

Note: Part of 100 Super Junior Fanfics Challenge; theme: 22. Diamonds, SungminxKibum

Title: Spark
Pairings: Kimin, onesided!Kyumin, Yewook, bestfriends!Minwook, brothers!Kisung
Characters: Kibum, girl!Sungmin, Yesung, girl!Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Length: four chapters (Allover word count: 7868, each ranging from ~1600 to ~2300)
Warning/Notes: genderswitch, AU
Note: I know Kibum's not very popular nowadays, he's been away for too long, but still, I hope there'll be people reading this. This theme caught my attention out of the 100.
Description: Kibum, younger son of a wealthy man, swore that he would never fall in love. Sungmin, only daughter of a rich couple, is considered to never fall in love, as no guy has captured her heart yet. Their acquaintance leads to a marriage of convenience, but can there be something more? Yesung and Ryeowook work for that, but there's a counterpart too, in the form of Kyuhyun.

PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4Collapse )

If there's someone who read this, please, comment and tell me your opinion! A few words about you liking it or not will already make me happy, but I won't reject long analizations either. ;)